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debt collection
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Global Inkaso is a professional collection company specializing in debt recovery, payment monitoring and business intelligence, based in Wrocław, Poland, and operating throughout the country. Our mission is to provide our Clients with top quality customized solutions and the best possible collection services on the market. It is our goal to deliver superior collection results quickly and with the lowest cost to our clients, while preserving our Client’s goodwill.  Commitment to professional ethics is at the core of what we do.

The diversity and complexity of Polish debt collection procedures and legislation, the language barrier and the long distance make it extremely difficult, and often impossible, for foreign companies to recover their money from Polish debtors.
But why struggle alone? At Global Inkaso we have designed our services specifically to suit the needs of foreign Clients who seek professional assistance to solve their problems effectively. Our in-depth knowledge of country-specific regulations, functional expertise, and understanding of the local business environment give us a major advantage when it comes to developing the best strategy to manage your debtor. Thanks to many years of debt collection experience we have developed techniques that work.

Our team consists of highly-qualified and knowledgeable professionals, dedicated to providing the most appropriate solution for each Client. To maximize recovery, it is crucial to act fast: verify the debtor’s financial condition and make determined efforts to secure your payment. As a local company, we are able to take immediate steps and direct measures on your behalf. Global inkaso is your choice for debt collection in Poland. We offer comprehensive support and represent our Clients at all stages of the collection process, from pre-litigation mediations, through proceedings before Polish courts, and final enforcement phase.

‘Prevention-collection-liquidity’ . That is our motto.

mobile +48 601-27-58-37
e-mail: contact@globalinkaso.eu